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Schalker fan with "Knappenkarte"

Schalker fan with "Knappenkarte"
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Pay with KnappenKarte

With a name combining mining history and high-tech flair, the "KnappenKarte" becomes legal tender at Schalke 04 - no cash needed for beer and chips in the football club's ultra-modern "Arena" stadium.

In the post-war years, the miners of the Ruhr, exhausted by war and deprivation, could claim special rations of bacon and schnapps with a points card. The voucher system was intended to attract men back to the pits in the hard days of industrial reconstruction.

In fact, a "Knappe" is a miner who has completed his apprenticeship, so that's why bulletSchalke 04, the legendary football team from Gelsenkirchen in the heavy industry heartland of the Ruhr, hit on the name for their new stadium's own currency.

The "KnappenKarte" is merely a euro-rechargeable plastic card. Fans can get their snacks without having to push and shove at the counter. The idea: less queuing, more sales, and a reference to Schalke's historic roots.

Philipp Sanke

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