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"Girlies" in the street

"Girlies" in the street
Source: dpa

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Girl Power!

"Girlies", the personification of Girl Power in Germany, have hit the streets of Cologne and Düsseldorf. Indeed, the number one cult Girlie, Düsseldorfer Heike Makatsch, gets her own show on bulletVIVA. Grin, smirk.

The Girl Power movement has its roots in U.S. pop culture. "Express yourself" - be shrewd, rude and narcissistic, preaches pop queen "Madonna" back in the 1980s. Girl Power adopts feminist demands, but is hip and stylish.

In Germany, "material girls" become "Girlies", confident and fun-loving - a trend among young women that continues in the 1990s.

Girlie culture is soon assimilated into the world of commodities and media. "Girl" becomes a product category and a key market niche. This new consumption and fun-oriented culture among young women marks a departure from the bulletwomen's movement of the 1970s.

Ulrike Filgers

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