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Tutti Frutti: Hugo Egon Balder and the Chin-Chin Ballet

Tutti Frutti: Hugo Egon Balder and the Chin-Chin Ballet
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Tutti frutti

Cherries, pears, plums. But "Tutti Frutti" no longer refers to those sweet delights on display at the market. Thanks to commercial broadcaster bulletRTL the name takes on a new meaning from 1990.

It refers to a group of nubile, leggy and occasionally topless young women, all reinforcing stereotypes of female beauty, who decorate this new striptease show. But in each basket of fruit there are two rotten ones ...

If you understand the points system of this game show, viewers jest, you obviously haven't been watching it properly! Topless television, that's what it's about, and television audiences haven't seen the likes of it before.

The game played each week by the two guest candidates, always a man and a woman, is more or less irrelevant. The whole point is to make the girls strip off. Bottoms up! At some stage in the show the candidates have to strip, too. But these ordinary mortals are hardly model material, and they just don't seem to move right.

Fantasy and reality; from the sublime to the ridiculous - and it's not a pretty sight. Yet ever new candidates are ready to make a fool of themselves. I'm on TV, therefore I am! That's the message spreading to every living room - even in the remotest corners of North Rhine-Westphalia ...

Dirk Bitzer

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