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Bundestag group of Green parliamentarians 1984

Bundestag group of Green parliamentarians 1984
Source: dpa

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Here comes The Greens

Die GRÜNEN, are bulletgaining ground in North Rhine-Westphalia, though there's still a long way before the Greens can sit in the state assembly. In Wuppertal comes a breakthrough: on 16 October 1984 Irmgard Wohlert becomes the first Green mayor in Germany!

In Bonn, the Green shooting stars of the day are Antje and Annemarie, Waltraut and Christel. The young party with a programme of ecological reform, women's rights and peace let's women take the lead.

In April, the Greens elect an all-women committee to head their parliamentary group in the Bundestag, the first ever party to do so. This exceeds their popular demand for quotas to ensure 50% representation of women - the "Feminat" is 100% female. Women taking a lead!

Dirk Bitzer

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