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Krupp steel works in Duisburg-Rheinhausen

Krupp steel works in Duisburg-Rheinhausen
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The end of Rheinhausen!?

Rheinhausen - a symbol for the end of an era. On 2 December 1982, the steel producers Krupp Stahl AG announces plans to close its rolling mill in Duisburg-Rheinhausen.

bulletKrupp wants to shed another 3,600 workers. The management says there's no money to be made from rolling mills, with steel products at present prices.

"Rheinhausen" becomes a synonym for "bulletsteel crisis". Krupp blames the Federal Government. How, the bosses ask, can German companies compete against the subsidised suppliers in other European countries.

The workers fight the bulletclosure and gain a stay of execution. However, the writing is on the wall. Since 1970, the total workforce in the manufacturing sector has already fallen by 10%, while the service sector has seen a 8.5% rise in employment.

bulletStructural change, as prescribed by successive governments, is well underway.

Dirk Bitzer

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