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Ford 20M XL (1968-1971

Ford 20M XL (1968-1971
Source: Ford AG, Köln

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The four millionth Ford!

A blessing for Cologne's labour market: on 20 June 1968 the four millionth Ford vehicle rolls off the production lines and onto the bulletroad.

An evergreen for twenty years - the Ford Taunus. In ever-new versions, the German Cortina is again the bulletdriver's choice in the sixties and early seventies.

The history of the Ford works goes back to 2 October 1930, when Henry Ford laid the foundation stone together with bulletKonrad Adenauer, then Mayor of Cologne.

Like Adenauer himself, the Cologne company becomes an institution, a symbol of economic recovery in post-war Germany. Ford resumes truck production on 8 May 1945, on the very day of Germany's bulletcapitulation.

The Taunus, made from 1948, is the company's first post-war car - costing then just DM 6,965. The Cologne Works expand rapidly, and Ford becomes one of the region's leading employers.

By 1968, 37,098 people are working in its plants and offices.

Dirk Bitzer

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