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Source: Ulrike Filgers

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Pizza, pasta and parmesan!

Italian specialities come to Oberhausen.

Cheese-and-tomato pizza, salami pizza .... Oberhauseners get their first chance to try an original Italian pizza at Pino's, near the theatre. The owner, an Italian from Lecce, serves up culinary delights from his home country.

Pizzeria "Zum Pino" becomes a meeting place for Italians and, at first, a few adventurous Germans. Frequent among the guests are actors from the nearby playhouse.

After some initial scepticism, the local miners – or "pitoligists" as they are teasingly known – take a growing liking to pizza, pasta and parmesan. Pizzerias soon become a regular feature of Ruhr gastronomy.

Anke Asfur

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