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Scene from 'Missbraucht' (Abused)

Scene from 'Missbraucht' (Abused)
Source: Landeszentrale für politische Bildung NRW

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Short film angers ministry

Cultural affairs officials are not pleased by "Missbraucht", a film produced by NRW's civic education unit.

The bulletStaatsbürgerlichen Bildungsstelle, the centre for promoting citizenship in NRW, produces "Missbraucht" (Abused), an educational film about National Socialist inculcation of youth, which includes footage from Nazi propaganda films. The Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs suspects that shouldn't be allowed.

His "methodological and pedagogical" misgivings reflect the worries expressed in the early post-war years by the bulletAmerican and British occupying powers about the undesirable consequences of showing Nazi film footage.

However, the fact that hundreds of copies of "Missbraucht" are demanded throughout the educational sector indicates how a confrontation with such visual material is both a useful and a necessary aid to political enlightenment in post-war Germany.

Paul Hofmann & Ernst Schreckenberg

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