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The new synagogue in Cologne, 1959

The new synagogue in Cologne, 1959
Source: dpa

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Rebuilding the synagogue

For many years the Jewish Community was divided on the question of whether, after the Holocaust and six million murdered Jews, Jewish life was still at all possible in Germany.

The rebuilt synagogue in the Roonstrasse, Cologne, officially opens its portals on 20 September 1959, 21 years after its destruction at the hands of the Nazis on "Kristallnacht".

With its arts centre annexe, the synagogue is to form the hub of Jewish life in the city. Yet even after the war, Jews can't enter this place of worship without police protection. Swastikas scrawled on the walls of the synagogue only months after the opening show how little some people learn from the past.

Dirk Bitzer

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