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Mining community in the Ruhr

Mining community in the Ruhr
Source: Otto Filgers

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A roof over your head

With the upturn in the bulletcoal and steel industry, new jobs are being created, but many people continue to suffer from the consequences of war. Refugees, widows and war wounded rely on welfare support. On 1 January 1955 the millionth newly-built home is ready for occupation under the social building scheme.

In the larger cities over seventy percent of homes have been destroyed in the war. Apart from the locals, bulletrefugees are also searching for a place to live. To help the low-income families, NRW's state government funds the construction of small homes with modest rents.

By the mid-1950s capital is again available on the market. At the same time, building costs are rising. The policy of the state government shifts from the direct construction of houses to targeted support for particular groups in society. Money, in the form of housing benefits, is made available for those in need.

By the 1960s the phase of intensive reconstruction is finished. Essential needs have been met.

Dirk Bitzer

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