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Coat of arms NRW

Coat of arms NRW
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Rose, steed and Rhine

A law on the state's official colours, coat of arms and flag is adopted on 10 March 1953. Heraldry is a difficult art in NRW.

Westphalia's stallion and the Rhineland's river are prominent symbols on North Rhine-Westphalia's coat of arms, while you have to look more carefully to see the bulletRose of Lippe - a mere wallflower, relegated to the base.

Hardly fair, since this least conspicuous part of the crest has the longest historical roots. Noblemen have borne the Rose of Lippe since the 12th century, whereas the rampant stallion of Westphalia only came into existence in the 15th century - later becoming, as the symbol of the Duchy of Westphalia, a permanent element in the crest of the prince electors of Cologne.

And the Grand Duchy of Lower Rhine, a Prussian province, did not have the river on its coat of arms until 1817. This symbol now stands for the whole of the Rhineland in NRW.

Dirk Bitzer

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