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Boxer Peter Müller and the knocked-out referee

Boxer Peter Müller and the knocked-out referee
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"De Aap" on the rampage!

Watch out! Here comes "de Aap"! Most boxers are quite clear about the number of opponents in the ring, but not the Cologne fighter Peter Müller, nicknamed "de Aap" - the Ape.

On 8 June 1952, slugging it out with his arch-rival Stretz, Müller seems to think he's fighting two men and eliminates one with a single blow. Referee Pippow is sent crashing to the canvass. He can't even count himself out!

Peter Müller (born 24 February 1927 in Cologne, died 22 June 1992 in Cologne) Peter Müller retires from professional boxing in 1966, having never won a world or European title. But he's a big hitter. 176 professional fights: 132 wins, 66 on knock-outs.

Between 1949 and 1964 he takes the German middle-weight championship five times. Boxing fans and the wider public love his down-to-earth manner. He has been nicknamed "the Ape" since childhood, when a bee sting left him with an oddly swollen lower lip.

In Cologne Müller also becomes renowned as a singer and bulletcarnivalist, but it is the reckless blow that floored umpire Pippow that has made him a legend. Yet, by the end of his career, in 1980, the misdemeanour is forgiven and Müller himself takes up the - hazardous - profession of referee!

Dirk Bitzer

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