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"Wer hat hier das Sagen?"

"Wer hat hier das Sagen?"
Source: VHS-Video, 1995, 30 Min., directed by Heiner Wember

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Law on codetermination!

Codetermination for bulletcoal and steel workers becomes a statutory right on 10 April 1951. The workforce now has an equal voice with the shareholders on the supervisory board of their company. Bosses discover that worker participation actually reduces conflict in the workplace!

A ballot of the whole workforce is held among the mining companies. The workers vote for codetermination. From now on, the supervisory board overseeing the activities of the directors must include as many staff representatives as shareholder representatives.

So codetermination, already achieved in the bulletsteel sector, spreads to the coal industry. Employers don't like it, but grudgingly agree - not least because they need the support of the trade unions to avert the Allies' plans to break up the hidden structures of mining ownership.

But with a coal crisis looming, they soon discover the benefits of codetermination. The involvement of workers in decision-making helps management to resolve conflicts more smoothly.

Dirk Bitzer

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