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World Trade Center

World Trade Center
Source: dpa

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In New York the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapse. The first report comes from an ARD correspondent, live on the WDR's Radio 2.

In the morning it looks like another sunny day. A radiant blue sky and pleasant temperatures. Thomas Nehls, New York correspondent for Germany's public-service network ARD, is expecting a quiet news day. But at 8.56 local time (14.56 CET) he is torn out of his reporting slumbers.

At first he tells WDR 2 listeners about what he and his wife can see from their small balcony on the 35th floor of a high-rise building by the East River: "There's a fire in the World Trade Center". Then, in the studio, the coverage continues without a break – but now all ARD news channels and the third (regional) TV channels are taking up the story.

"From the safety of the studio we just couldn't envisage the amount of pressure on the ARD camera team and its producer Debbie Kraus, who were reporting directly from the terrible scene of the disaster," Nehls later remarks.

Cameraman Joe McCarthy risks his life getting some dramatic pictures, for which he receives a German camera award the following year. And his description of the tragic events, reporting from right in front of the World Trade Center, is one of the first eye witness accounts to reach radio listeners in Germany.

Wolfgang Hippe

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