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Elections for the Integration Councils

Elections for the Integration Councils
Source: Stadt Bocholt

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Integration Council instead of Foreigners' Advisory Board?

More codetermination for migrants

"Talking with them was back then, now we should be deciding with them!" The Integration Council shall better represent the interest of migrants in the cities. There have been Foreigners' Advisory Boards for some time already, but they have had no direct authority - their work has often remained ineffective.

As of 2004, it is possible in the cities of North Rhine-Westphalia to establish an integration council with expanded rights. It has more influence and a discretionary budget. As a "real" council committee, proper members of the council sit alongside directly elected representatives: by means of this action alone, the council's work should meet with higher regard.

Cities are not required to establish integration councils, but the majority of cities in North Rhine-Westphalia will participate in this experiment.

Individual local authorities will determine the exact form and election parameters for themselves. Most of the Integration Councils will be elected on November 21, 2004.

Irmgard Bernrieder

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