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Kay Lorentz and Lore Lorentz (1951)

Kay Lorentz and Lore Lorentz (1951)
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Premiere of "Positiv dagegen"

A new satirical revue theatre in Duesseldorf, "Das Kom(m)ödchen", opens its doors to the public on 29 March 1947 with a show called "Positively opposed". xyz. XYZ.

The star of the show is bulletLore Lorentz, cofounder of the cabaret with her husband, Kay Lorentz. And here's how it all started:

"A political science undergraduate skipped his Arabic seminar, a history student dropped one of her courses, and they found themselves instead at a lecture on 'journalism in the USA'. That's how they met, and soon they got married. They exchanged a Leica for 36 cartons of Pall Mall, then swapped the cigarettes for some bricks, curtain fabric and a pair of lamps. They were discouraged by some, encouraged by others, found helpers and motivators, came together with sketch-writing wizards, journalists, singers, musicians and painters. And then they started up a 'political-literary cabaret', a satirical revue theatre, though they'd never actually seen one before, and called it 'Das Kom(m)ödchen'."

(quoted from "Selbstdarstellung des Kommödchens", Düsseldorf 1997)

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