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In a Koran school

In a Koran school
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Haribo - Moslems also love it so

... spins the Kölner Stadtanzeiger on 3 May 2001. The Prophet never pronounced on wine-gums, but he did so on pork!

Those coloured gummi bears often contain pork gelatine, so for Moslems they are a forbidden fruit-gum.

But that is history ... for on 3 May 2001 the Bonn-based confectioner Haribo ("Kids and grown-ups love it so") buys up the Turkish sweets maker "Pamir Gida Sanayi A.S". With its new plant in Turkey, Haribo can sell guaranteed purely beef-based products in the Islamic countries.

Founded in 1902, the company made the breakthrough as early as 1922 with the invention of "Tanzbären" made of wine-gum. Those dancing gummi bears were the predecessors of today's bulletGold Bears. Back then, the gum was poured into moulds by hand, yet the firm's founder HAns RIegel, BOnn, still managed to produce 100 kg a day.

Alongside its many other products, Haribo's output of gummi bears alone comes to around 70 million a day. And the Turkish company is only one of eighteen Haribo locations word-wide.

Dirk Bitzer

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