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Wolf Biermann performing in Cologne on 13.11.1976

Wolf Biermann performing in Cologne on 13.11.1976
Source: dpa

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Fateful encore in the FRG

East German singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann plays two hours longer at the Cologne Sporthalle.

Wolf Biermann plays to 7,000 enthusiastic fans at the Sporthalle in Cologne. His critical lyrics, applauded by West German audiences, causes trouble back in East Germany.

The bulletGDR regime, which has already been cracking down on artistic dissenters, responds right after the concert by depriving Mr Biermann of his citizenship of the German Democratic Republic.

Wolf Biermann initially settled in East Germany as a conscious choice. In 1953 he wanted to help build socialism. But his own critical ideas is not appreciated by the powers that be.

Biermann's enforced expatriation sparks a keen debate about freedom of artistic expression in the GDR. Sceptical thinkers are not exactly reassured by the state's show of force in the Biermann case.

Dirk Bitzer

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