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Roulette wheel

Roulette wheel
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Les jeux sont fait - Aachen Casino is ready to roll!

Aachen obtains a grant to build the first casino in NRW. Watch out, Monte Carlo!

After gambling has been banned for over a hundred years in the region, the roulette ball can officially roll again on 3 July 1976 in NRW.

Aachen had to oust a number of rival towns to get the concession: after all, 15 per cent of "the bank's" profit gets passed on to the municipal treasury, which makes for some welcome manna in hard times.

Only half a year after opening, Aachen has relegated the legendary German casino in Baden-Baden to second place in the business.

The gambling palace costs DM 12 million. The biggest takings, DM 320 grand, go to an unknown housewife who actually just wanted to have a quick look around the casino ...

Dirk Bitzer

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