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Adolf Grimme (taken in 1948)

Adolf Grimme (taken in 1948)
Source: dpa

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The Grimme Prize ...

... is now every TV reporter's dream. Germany's top TV award is first presented by the adult education centre in Marl, aka bullet"die insel" - an isle of knowledge.

The award is endowed by Adolf Grimme, a former minister for education and cultural affairs in Lower Saxony with a record of outstanding work in establishing adult education centres in Germany.

The prize-winning TV documentaries have to present a subject in a professional, generally accessible and appealing manner and in TV quality.

To turn in such a work of art is, of course, the dream of every filmmaker. The first awards go to the TV journalists Günter Gaus, Jürgen Neven-Dumont and Gerd Oelschlegel.

Dirk Bitzer

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